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Smoked Cherry Blossoms

Smoked Cherry Blossoms

Kakashi and Sakura Drabbles
Konoha village
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A livejournal for the Kakashi and Sakura lover's

about kakasakudrabble
Welcome to kakasakudrabble a community for 100-500 word drabbles focusing on the paring of Kakashi and Sakura from the anime show Naruto.

To inspire people, every week a challenge will be posted. A word will be posted on Sundays (between the time frame 6:00am to 12:00pm est.) Please feel free to respond to a challenge more than once or feel free to back track to another weeks challenge. A response to a challenge can be of any contexts or rating so please don't be bashful. :)

1) All fics must be centered on Kakashi or Sakura. AU's are allowed.
2) All fics must be a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 500. NO more, no less.
3. All response's should behind a lj cut. Need help with inserting a lj cut? See this to find out more.
4) Multiple parts are allowed, as long as they fit the word requirements for each part.
5) Any spoilers (anything from Naruto that you might think is spoilerish for other fans should be labeled clearly & be behind an lj-cut.)
6) If the story is above an R in rating must be behind a lj-cut and should be labeled clearly.
7) No flaming, bashing or intolerance of any kind will be tolerated.
8) If posting more than one drabble in a single post, please do so behind an lj cut.
9) Please only post your own responses to each challenge.

the challenges
Week 1 // Growing
Week 2 // Intent
Week 3 // Memories
Week 4 // Fantasy
Week 5 // Kisses
Week 6 // Curiosity
Week 7 // Confessions
Week 8 // Forbidden
Week 9 // Attraction
Week 10 // Open-Word
Week 11 // Honesty
Week 12 // Guilt
Week 13 // Discovery
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Week 14 // First
Week 15 // Lessons
Week 16 // Explaining
Week 17 // Time
Week 18 // Desire
Week 19 // Emotions
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Week 20 // Blood
Week 21 // Tears
Week 22 // Pride
Week 23 // Mistake
Week 24 // Past
Week 25 // Need


mykitten & kittsune

naruto tadbits

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